Karen Gliniecki MS-CCC, Speech-Language Pathologist
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Speech Evaluations
Karen Gliniecki Speech-Language Pathologist Services
Articulation Therapy (Pronunciation)
Language Therapy
Before therapy can begin a formal speech-language evaluation is needed.  This will determine if therapy is warranted, the type of communication issue, and the best treatment options.  The evaluation consists of formal and informal measures.  If an evaluation has already been performed by  another ASHA certified Speech-Language Pathologist it is possible to begin therapy without a re-evaluation.
Karen Gliniecki takes care to provide customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We provide a variety of services including:
Focus is on improving sound production through carefully planned treatment activities.
For those with limited or no verbal skills, an augmentative/alternative communication system can provide a means of communication while verbal skills are being developed.
Parent & Staff Training and School District Consultation
Focus is on expressive and receptive language skills, including vocabulary, sentence structure, following directions, and social communication.  
When appropriate, family members and caregivers will be guided to work on specific activities with the patient outside of therapy.  This can foster faster progress and shorter time in therapy.  

Consultation to school districts is available upon request.

​Some pronunciation issues are best addressed with specific forms of oral motor therapy. Karen will determine on an individual basis if these treatment approaches are appropriate.
Augmentative/Alternative Communication Systems
Oral Motor Skills